What’s with the green shorts? Blame FIFA!

So, last night Ireland wore yet another new kit. This time however it had green shorts instead of the traditional white. The bad news is the green shorts are here to stay. Don’t blame Umbro for this though, it’s all FIFA’s doing.

New Ireland Jersey 2014, Green Shorts

You will be seeing a lot more of this type of thing at the World Cup which is just around the corner. FIFA have set new standards and now say that kits must be all light coloured or all dark coloured.

Rule 2, section 35 of the World Cup 2014 regulations states: “Each team shall inform FIFA of two different and contrasting colours (i.e. strips). One predominately dark and one predominately light for its official and reserve kit.”

So, you can expect to see Germany in white shorts instead of their usual black. Likewise for Spain who will wear red shorts instead of blue.

The reason? FIFA believe lights v darks help the referee clarify tussles, lunges, tackles and deflections. They don’t ask teams to wear one colour, but adidas, as an official partner of the governing body, followed the rule closely.

Call me old fashioned but I really don’t like this idea. Argentina in white shorts? Germany not wearing their traditional black shorts? I always thought the contrast in colours looked well. You could identify most teams at a glance just by seeing the colours of the kit. Columbia for example, yellow shirt, blue shorts, red socks. We won’t be seeing that in Brazil. Now all we’ll see is the dark team versus the light team.

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